I am a family man raised in a large Italian family. I’m married with 4 sons, 3 grandsons and I have two younger brothers, a sister and fifty six cousins. ¬† I grew up watching my father run his construction and paving company with his 6 brothers¬†in Pennsylvania, while their wives owned an amusement park called Angela Park. My childhood was filled with fun, baseball and incredible food. My grandmother was a chef who I learned so much from and she died in front of her stove doing what she loved most… cooking.

Four years ago on my birthday in 2014, I had open heart surgery with five bypasses! Then a year ago I had carotid artery surgery to unplug severe blockage from high Cholesterol. My surgeon walked out and said “NO MORE MEAT” and my life changed for the better. I have been known for my cooking, but this new venue of whole grains, organic vegetables and fish is the incredible journey of artistic flavor and health. Join me on my journey to feel better, loose weight and love it.